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Alison Link and The Leisure Link have given seminars and presentations for professional and lay audiences across the United States as well as in Europe and Asia, including those listed below:

Council on Social Work Education Annual Conference,
October 27-30, 2007

Wurzweiler School of Social Work 50th Anniversary Conference May 6-8 2007, NY, NY

WSCA Spring Conference 2007- Keynote Speaker.
March, 2007

Western Suffolk Counselors Association (WSCA) Leadership Retreat, August 2006, Long Island, New York. Facilitated leadership retreat for executive committee.

World Leisure Congress, October 2006, Hangzhou, China.

Mid-Eastern Symposium for Therapeutic Recreation, May 2006, New Jersey.

New York State Parks and Recreation Society (NYSPRS) Annual Conference, April 2006, New York.

Leisure Education (LEDU) International Conference,
March 2004, Cologne, Germany.

North American Alliance for Informal Youth Education (NAA) Conference, 2003-2005. Annual

American Camping Association (ACA) Tri-State Conference,

Articles By and About Alison Link

Article: Tasting Freedom's Simple Joys in the Barnes & Noble. New York Times, August 2, 2006

Article: "Leisure Education at Camp."  The Cutting Edge, ACA Electronic Magazine, July 25, 2005.