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The Leisure Link (TLL) offers education for leisure in a variety of forms and contexts for employers, non-profit and professional organizations, schools, camps and youth organizations, faith-based organizations, correctional services and other government services.

Training the Trainer

We train corporate human resources personnel, senior and middle managers, and social service, program and recreational managers to provide education for leisure to employees and clients

  • Training Parks Department recreation leaders to teach their clients about making leisure choices for themselves
  • Developing and teaching a program for vocational counselors on the role of leisure education in career guidance for clients
  • Educating principals so they can train teachers in introducing leisure education concepts in their classrooms
  • Teaching an introduction to leisure education for a corporate HR department so they can begin to add elements of what they’ve learned as they develop programs for employees
  • Training recreational therapists to provide leisure counseling for the specific populations they work with, such as disabled veterans, children in special education programs, those living with mental illness, etc.
Developing Programs and Curricula

The Leisure Link works with agencies, employers, professional organizations, schools and others to develop leisure education programs, leisure activities training and curricula appropriate for specific populations and situations (through direct or infused strategies)

  • Developing a program to introduce positive leisure education concepts in correctional facilities
  • Creating curriculum and facilitating a series of programs for parents and siblings of youth with disabilities, focused on the benefits of leisure for themselves and for the short and longer-term well-being and functioning of their child with special needs.
  • Working with a housing-based program for at-risk teens to introduce and diffuse leisure educations concepts throughout both recreational and therapeutic programming
  • Teaching program staff to add leisure education concepts to existing recreation and leisure programming, through a reflective debriefing process for participants that turns leisure activities into education for life.
  • Creating a course on education for leisure as part of a graduate school curriculum for social workers, occupational therapists or mental health counselors

Staff Training

TLL’s training programs give employees new ways to think about leisure and the relevance of leisure to their lives and, where relevant, those of their clients or students


  • Training agency staff in using leisure education concepts and leisure activities education for themselves and with their clients.
  • Training teachers and recess aides to:
    • Help students access the feeling of leisure more often
    • Encourage freedom and choice.
    • Assist students in structuring free time to support positive leisure choices
    • Offer specific leisure education activities for individuals and groups.


Consulting services from the Leisure Link will be shaped by the specific needs of the client. We can assist in program development, offer guidance on integrating leisure education into a broader educational curriculum and advise on structuring time and facilities to support leisure education concepts, among other possibilities.


  • Provide guidance for a university on infusing leisure education concepts into the curricula of specific courses, psychological services, student activity programs or learning abroad
  • Create an education for leisure program for the families of those involved in the criminal justice system


We also offer resources that provide ongoing support for our training and counseling activities, such as electronically distributed tips and new ideas customized for specific audiences, email support for individual clients and a resource lending library.

Counseling / Coaching

TLL can provide direct leisure-related counseling services to employees, managers, students or clients.


  • Working directly with residents at a half-way house, using leisure education as a framework to help prevent recidivism
  • Counseling a department manager as part of addressing work-life balance issues that are interfering with the manager’s productivity Conducting group leisure counseling sessions with college students exploring career options
  • Lunch and learn sessions
  • Leisure coaching for individual employees

Seminars, Workshops and Conference Presentations

The Leisure Link offers seminars, workshops and presentations in the contexts of staff training and development, leadership development and team building, at conferences and conventions and in other situations. These range from half-day or less to full and multiple-day programs. Some of TLL's topics are included below; TLL customizes topics for your specific needs.

  • Set Yourself Free: Making Leisure a Priority
  • Leisure Education For Staff and Camper Development
  • Leisure Education For You, Your Staff and Participants
  • Implementation of Leisure Education in Correctional Facilities for Residents and Staff
  • Leisure Education as an Innovative Intervention for Social
  • Development and Prisoner Reintegration to Society
  • Got Leisure? Balancing Turbulence, Transitions and Time: Implementing leisure education for you and your students
  • Time-use and Prisoner Reentry: Leisure Education, an Innovative Model
  • Relax! Get into a Leisure State of Mind
  • Creating a Fertile Lifestyle: How to Break the Infertility Cycle (how increasing awareness of leisure time can improve quality of life and make the waiting and anxiety that comes with infertility more pleasurable. Does not address the medical issues of infertility).
  • Time Out: A Guilt-Free Guide to Caring for Yourself While Caring for Your Kids
  • 52 Things to Do
  • Dealing with Boredom
  • Leisure and Transition
  • Leisure as a Coping Skill
  • Get into a Leisure State of Mind
  • Uplift Your Downtime
  • Leisure and the Sabbath/Shabbat--a day of rest Intention in Work and Leisure