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The Leisure Link supports individuals and couples, families and affinity groups, through coaching and counseling for leisure education, and through providing related support resources. We work with people of all ages - children, teens, young adults, parents, the middle-aged, retirees.

Coaching and Counseling for Leisure

TLL coaching and counseling may be done on a one-to-one basis, or a couple or family may participate together. Groups sponsored by churches, synagogue or mosques, or community organizations may want to participate together. TLL is also glad to work with formal or informal affinity groups, or just a bunch of friends. We will customize a program to fit the needs of the group, including continuing education credits if appropriate.

The work can be focused on a certain issue or transition (a bereavement, a move, the arrival of a baby, a new town, etc.) or address more general concerns.

It may include developing a personal leisure assessment and/or creating and taking action to reach individualized leisure goals. Email support is available between sessions or after sessions are completed. A lending library completes the picture of available resources.